About Sold Pending

At Sold Pending, we provide comprehensive solutions to homeowners in need. The real estate market has shifted in the last decade. Homeowners now have different requirements that must be addressed. Sometimes you want to sell your house fast because of a pressing need such as a job loss, foreclosure, divorce, relocation, retirement, and inheritance issues. On other occasions, you have time, but you are searching for a proven way to sell your house fast. You want to connect with an expert who will take care of the rest. (When we talk about the availability of time, we don’t mean months. No one wants to spend months finding an agent or preparing a home for sale). 

We buy houses in Charleston, South Carolina, and we provide win-win solutions to property owners in sticky situations like burdensome property, foreclosure, and divorce. We focus on your case to give you the best possible solution. 

Think of us as a solutions company….we love finding solutions for our clients. Selling a home with us is a 3-step simple process. Choose your selling strategy and then receive multiple offers for your property. You set the closing date, and when in confusion, our team will assist you. We cater to your needs and work at your pace, fast or slow. 

How We Buy Houses in Charleston,South Carolina?

Want to know how we buy houses in South Carolina? Or how we work with homeowners in Charleston. Visit this page where we explain our process. If you have questions about how we work or need help with a particular solution (foreclosure, retirement, divorce), or want to learn more about us…just give us a call or text us. Our team will get back to you immediately, and we’ll clarify any concerns you might have. 

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Should I list my home on the MLS? Should I sell my house fast for cash?

At Sold Pending, we provide you with both options. Download our FREE Guide here. It talks about the pros and cons of the choice if you want to sell your house fast for cash. Get the free guide and then text us at (864) 513-2322. Or better, you can submit your information, and we’ll get back to you with cash and real estate listing offers.